Web App Landing Page
UI/UX designed the landing page for Rosetta Stone’s mobile application. Laid out new features and incorporated the use of interactive within the designed layout. Layouts were designed for both desktop and mobile viewing.
25th Anniversary Email Campaign
Designed and coded emails for Rosetta Stone’s 25th-anniversary campaign. Emails were distributed to all customers to announce the company’s success with testimonials and announcements.
Segmentation Email Templates
Designed and coded an array of email templates to be used within our promotional and programmatic campaigns.
No Credit Card Free Trial Emails
Designed and coded a series of emails for customers to use Rosetta Stone without incorporating a credit card to begin a free trial.
Subscription Upsell Emails
Designed and coded an array of emails to send out to customers and upgrade their subscriptions. Included animation and direct content for a smooth user experience.
Upgrade One-off Email
Designed and coded a one-off email promoting an app upgrade. Direct messaged with simple graphics that lead to new features.
Pocketalk One-off Email
Designed and animated a one-off email with 3rd party vendor. We partnered with Pocketalk to promote its product to our customers, using our brand and their service.


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